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"Don’t be to me a memory
Despite death’s sullen, cold decree
This mortal life I give to thee
My soul is yours eternally"

"Mythics" centers on our most vulnerable emotion—love. Through beautiful and elegant verse, we move from the longing for love to mature and deep reverence. Delving ever deeper into our capacity to love, the poems allow us to see not only what we’re made of and hold inside, but also what we have to give, and its impact on our lives. With a profound belief in the human spirit, Masek shows us with integrity and candor: To truly live … is to love.

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One of the first things I think about when poetry comes to mind are the classic love sonnets and Old-World poetry of the masters. To me, love and poetry go hand in hand. So I'm naturally drawn to a collection about love and jumped on the chance to read Mythics. I was not disappointed. On the contrary, I found myself immersed in a more modern, honest, and powerful collection of poems than I'd ever expected. Masek looks at love from unexpected angles. This collection is perfect for the romantic in all of us. It's accessible, true, and intense. Great collection.

- Ann Creel

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