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At War with the Big Dogs

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Chuck Masek Audio Book - At War with the Big Dogs
At War with the Big Dogs

A true David versus Goliath story.


Discover how a small group of hardworking, focused, and determined entrepreneurs forever changed the medical device industry.

In the face of betrayal and overwhelming odds, this band of brothers fought with courage, commitment, and enduring faith and came together to disrupt the cash flow and business models of multibillion-dollar corporations, which they affectionately called the "Big Dogs."

Gain an inside perspective on how the medical device industry works and how the Big Dogs would use every weapon in their arsenal to wreak havoc on this fledgling business. Eventually, the reprocessing industry would be codified by the Food and Drug Administration, soundly defeating the Big Dog Kingdom.

A surprising twist of events leads to an unexpected conclusion.


“My first impression of Chuck Masek and Vanguard was a lasting one…He had a million ideas and talked as fast as a speeding bullet, but the common thread in everything that he said was that he seemed to deeply care for people and wanted to make a difference. I can honestly say that Chuck is ‘one of a kind,’ and I for one am far better off for knowing him.”

- J. Damico, Roundtable Healthcare Partners

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