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Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo Seth Masek
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Ex Nihilo

"The night I die, be by my side
My final thoughts I’ll in you hide
The night I die, please hold my hand
That I might with the angels stand"

In this stunning collection of poems, Seth Masek takes us on a journey from darkness into light, and in between are the shades where most of us reside. The collection is divided into four chapters: Judgment, Pain, Love, and Hope, allowing us to venture into the chapter that matches our needs at any given time. We journey from the brutality of judgments to the deepest of pains to the beauty of love and the highest of hopes. From being lost in self-doubt, we emerge in healing to find love and ultimately the inspiration to fully live. Penned by a gifted and honest poet, the collection delves deeply into the most powerful elements of our emotional core and the bedrock of our humanity.


I'm a poetry lover and thought I'd read just about every style, but this poet's originality pulled me in from the very first poem. He has a distinct voice, and there's something powerful about the writing that I've not read before. I appreciated the division of the collection, so I could choose what I was in the mood to read, and I was surprised by how much each poem I chose somehow reflected thoughts I'd had before but had not expressed. These are poems to get lost in. Excellent collection for lovers of intelligent poetry. Highly recommended.

- Wren

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